Friday, January 14, 2011

Dance Dance Revolution

I know breakdancing hit the height of its popularity 20-some years ago, but I'm pretty sure Baby was trying out his flares, back spins and body rocks yesterday evening. If he wasn't working on his dance moves, maybe he was trying out some kickboxing or taekwondo. Whatever it was, it was pretty intense.  My little alien was nonstop motion for about 20 minutes or so. And it wasn't just cute little flutters. It was major movement.

I think it's very cool when he moves around in there. The S.O. gets a little freaked out when he feels the baby move. I'm not sure if it's the reality of it all or if he's just weirded out by the feel of my stomach having a life of its own.

One day I really should take a video of the S.O.'s reaction to feeling Baby kick. You should get to laugh at the look on his face as much as I do.

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