Wednesday, January 26, 2011

27 weeks: Pot roast baby

And we're back to food comparisons for my weekly update from Fit Pregnancy. They're also calling the baby "he" this week.
Your baby weighs about two pounds and is about 12 to 15 inches long, about the size of a small pot roast. If your baby were born now, he would have an excellent chance (85 percent) of surviving. He still isn't fully formed and would probably not be able to breath by himself. He would need to stay in an incubator to keep his body temperature regulated, and he would have a weak liver and immune system.
An 85 percent chance of survival is pretty good, but all the risks and complications involved with a premature baby, make me want to do all I can to carry as close to full term as possible.

With a 2-pound pot roast hitching a ride in my mid-section, I don't really need them telling me it's harder to bend over and tie my shoes. But I did find this tidbit interesting:
The volume of your amniotic fluid is reduced by about half. With less cushioning blocking the view, you'll be able to see bony knees and elbows poking out of your stomach when the baby kicks and turns. 
I have yet to see bony knees or elbows poking out, but baby is quite active. He stretches and kicks and moves around, either trying to make himself comfortable or to make Mama really uncomfortable. Earlier he was pushing quite hard against the outside, and when the S.O. pushed where I indicated, Baby kicked his hand away. I can't stop myself from imagining Baby thinking, Hey! Quit pushing on my butt. I just got comfortable.

As a side note, last night I dreamed about holding my baby and rubbing the bottoms of his little feet. It was a sweet dream and the first I've had of him being outside the womb.


  1. Yes he should stay in the oven and bake as long as possible. I wouldn't trade my kiddo for anything but I would have traded the experience and fear of having a preemie. But now hes a rambunctious 2 1/2 year old. So all is well.

  2. @Tiffany, I'm glad to hear your little "pot roast" is thriving now. I can only imagine how scary it was 2 1/2 years ago.

  3. Yep, be sure your pot roast is well done.

    Sweet baby dream. Nothing like those. Keep a record of them. You *will* forget every instance of such sweetness without writing it down. Putting it on a blog is one thing; writing it in a special journal is another.

    Wow ... I just got a craving to be a new mom again.

    Okay, not really. I think I just want to write in a journal again!