Thursday, January 27, 2011

Movies for Mamas

Last night, the S.O. and I watched "Baby Mama." I didn't really have high hopes that the movie would be fantastic, but I needed something light and fun.

And "Baby Mama" definitely fits that description. Despite the fact that users on IMDb only give it an average of six stars, I really liked the movie. It was silly and predictable and fun. And really, how can you not love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Plus, you get the stunning Sigourney Weaver (I can't believe that gorgeous woman is in her 60s!), the ever-charming Greg Kinnear, and goofy Steve Martin, playing a hippie-dippie mega-successful businessman.

If I had watched this movie back in 2008, when it was first released, it probably would have pissed me off. Wanting to get pregnant and not being able to, being told I couldn't, wouldn't get pregnant definitely left a bitter taste in my mouth. Sure, I could identify with Tina Fey's character when the very expensive fertility specialist tells her she has a one in a million chance of getting pregnant (my "specialist" said one in 100), but (SPOILER ALERT) when everyone ends up pregnant, that would have sent me over the edge.

Because I watched this movie as a mom-to-be, I found it to be light-hearted fun. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are great together, and who wouldn't fall for Greg Kinnear?

It's not one of the all-time great films, and definitely not the best movie I've seen recently, but it was a nice little escape for the evening. The S.O. even made popcorn.


  1. I had a similar reaction. I went into it expecting it to totally suck, but ended up enjoying it. (Although, yes, good thing you waited until now.) Not an Oscar-worthy movie, but enjoyable.

  2. Sometimes you just need light and fun. I remember one of the first layoffs I ever went through working in corporate America. I didn't get laid off but some very dear friends did and I was devastated. That night my hubby and I watched, "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" and it was exactly what I needed at the time. I will ALWAYS love that movie because of that.

    Oh, and thank you SO much for coming over and participating in the Commentathon. We're up to 247 comments and I am utterly FLOORED!


  3. I didn't realize Greg Kinnear was in it. I love him. Maybe I'll watch it ... sometime.

    The last light and funny (or so I thought it would be) movie we watched was Kick Ass. Not what I expected, but I loved it!

  4. @Amber, congrats on the commentathon. You rock!

    @Lisa, we liked Kick Ass, too. Baby Mama is just goofy fun. And yes, Greg Kinnear makes it worth watching even if you don't love the movie.