Friday, June 28, 2013

Moving on up

Sorry for the recent radio silence, but I'm back and making a concerted effort to write more.

We are in the process of moving into a new house. I say house because it won't really be our home. The plan is to stay there while we figure out where we want our home to be. Will it be in our current town? Will it be somewhere near by or somewhere far far away? We just don't know right now. And moving is stressful enough without having important things up in the air.

We really like our current neighbors, but many of them are also moving away, so it's time to go. Plus, Milo is young enough right now to not miss this place. Our next home will be the home we all chose together.

We have had many ups and downs in this house -- this home -- but it wasn't a place the S.O. and I picked out together. I moved in here with him. So, while it's been my home for the past eight years, it's never exactly felt like *my place.*

I think Milo is resilient enough to quickly bounce back from any stress he might experience in moving. And besides, he will get some extra time with his grandma -- who spoils him terribly. And he's getting some new toys out of the deal.

I'm sure the S.O. and I are also resilient enough to bounce back from the stress of moving. It just might take us a little longer. Grandma won't spoil us as much.

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  1. Good luck! And Milo will definitely bounce back. With my grandsons, they've moved a few times and Brayden now talks about "House Number One, where I was born..." and houses Nos. 2, 3 (the "scorpion house") and 4.

    That said, it *is* hard on adults to move from a place they've been a while, even when it's time, even when it's a desired move. Good luck! (And I hope you don't leave your current town.)