Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's Not a Competition

Sometimes I have to remind myself not to compare me or Milo to other people. I see kids about his age already potty-trained and I start worrying that he should be potty trained. Yet, I've heard and read from multiple sources that forcing potty training usually leads to set-backs. (Not that I'm saying those other parents forced it, just that I would be forcing it right now because Milo is definitely not ready.)

I have to remind myself that every kid is different and while there are milestones that probably should be met by a certain age, some kids reach them earlier and some later. Milo is taller than some older kids. He was big when he was a baby. I remember our first few visits to The Little Gym, wondering why the other kids could sit up by themselves and Milo couldn't. It was because he was two or three months younger than those kids but the same size. He's no giant but he's in the 75th percentile for height. So, he's above average.

But there I go again, comparing him to other kids.

And no one compares to my little cowboy in my eyes

He's smart and bright and funny. He's adorable. He's trying out new words and new skills all the time. I don't worry that he isn't progressing "normally." So, when I find myself comparing him to other kids -- and wondering about my parenting skills -- I have to remember that it's not a race. And I have to cherish every age and every stage. Because it's going by way (way, way, way) too quickly.


  1. You just had a post that said: "I don't worry." Stop. the. presses. :)

    He's an adorable little cowboy.

  2. He's an amazing kid Pammey :) Seriously don't sweat the milestone crap.

  3. Take it from a mom of a preemie. He will get there no worries.