Friday, February 8, 2013

What I wish

Dear Milo,

I'm writing to you because your Grandma Louise passed away five years ago today and I wanted to say a few words to you about her. It's been hard living without her. And I wish she had gotten to meet you. And I wish you had gotten to know her and spend time with her. She would have spoiled you rotten.

Grandma Louise with your cousins Heather and Spencer

One day, you will have to ask your cousins about Grandma Louise. I'm sure they will have fun stories to share.

Grandma was a great mom. She did crafts with me and your uncles. She led my Brownies and their Cub Scouts. She let our friends come and play. She made us treats of all kinds when we had play dates and sleepovers. She made these amazing birthday cakes for us and played board games.

But she didn't let us get away with foolishness. Although, I'm pretty sure she let her grandkids get away with a lot more than she would have put up with from her own children. But that's OK. Grandmas are supposed to do that. I bet you would have gotten away with way more than I ever did. (Don't tell your cousins, but I think you would have been her favorite.)

How could you not be?

It may sound silly, but I think she's looking out for us still. I wasn't supposed to be able to have you, yet here you are -- beautiful and perfect. She must have had some say in that. She created so many beautiful things when she was alive, from her own children (yes, I include myself in that because I think I turned out OK) to crafts and cakes and memories. 

You will never want for love, my wonderful son, because Grandma Louise left you terrific uncles and cousins -- as well as in-laws and your own parents -- who were influenced by our love for this wonderful woman.

I wish you could have met her in person. At least I know that you will know her because she left such a lasting impression on all of us who did meet her and who love her dearly still.

She will always be in your heart, Sweetness, because she loves you, even though you never met.


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