Saturday, February 16, 2013

22 months

Dear Milo,

It's been 22 months since you were born. Sometimes it feels like you've been in my life forever. I lived a long time before you were born but doesn't always feel that way. For instance, when I think about your daddy's and my trip to Hawaii, I'll sometimes forget that you were only there in my tummy. And really, just barely there. A tiny little bump.

But you're the biggest -- best -- part of my life now so it's hard to remember when you weren't around. It's even hard sometimes to remember what it was like before you were running around, climbing onto the chairs and table, saying, "Go" for "yes," calling people by their names (or a close approximation of it) and actually reading letters of the alphabet when I point them out to you.

That last one amazes me the most. You know A, B, D, E, I, K, O, M, R, X, Y and Z. You don't always want to read them to me but I know that you recognize those letters on a regular basis. I'm just positive I have a genius in the making.

I know there have been a few days recently when I have been less that patient with you. I'm not sure if it's the time of year or what, but I know I have. I don't like being that way, especially with you. I have snapped at you a couple of times and, as soon as it happens, I feel terrible. I've been trying to take deep breaths when I feel cranky. And I've been trying to teach you to take deep breaths as well, with less than stellar results. You can really throw a fit when you want to.

You can also be extremely sweet. Just yesterday, you did one of the sweetest things ever -- right on the heels of headbutting me, that is. I was holding you, singing the alphabet, while you headbutted me to each letter. Suddenly, you stopped and pushed my bangs out of my eyes, gave me the sweetest smile, then snuggled against my shoulder. It was awesome.

Most of what you do is pretty awesome, but that was really, really awesome. As I've said many times, you amaze me every day. I love you very much, my little man.


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