Sunday, November 11, 2012

Daddy Talk: The world still turns

Three cheers for the elections being over.  I had hoped that with the election being over the BS of people yelling over each other would end -- but nope. I have to dial back the crazy on Facebook still four days after the election. Spirited discussion is one thing but I really don't get the non-stop anger. It just keeps building and building.

This is his "No" face.

The part that is so hard to understand is the irrational, uneducated parts that you can't explain away. You can't reason with an idea that somebody started that has no basis in fact, only in opinion. It gets me angry and I have to check my attitude because I get irrational back. I think ever since I have had Milo around it has gotten better though. The angry certainly doesn't come out as easily and I find myself trying to better articulate how I feel.

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