Monday, December 5, 2011

True mommy confessions

I did something today I said I wouldn't do.

Remember a while back when we were told kids younger than 2 shouldn't be watching TV? Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure the experts who determined this weren't sleep-deprived mothers who haven't showered in two days, home alone with a 7-month-old.

I sat Milo in his play yard with Sesame Street on the television while I took a shower. I know. I just lost my Mother of the Year nomination. The thing is, whether Milo is in his crib or a playpen and whether or not the TV is on, he's going to cry for me. I have a hard time believing my baby's development is going to be severely hampered by my attempt to distract him for five minutes.

And here's why. Sesame Street did not distract him from the fact that I left him in a play yard.

Nor did it keep him from figuring out to pull himself up into a standing position. I'm pretty sure he wasn't paying any attention to Elmo.


  1. You dressed him in prison stripes on purpose for that photo, didn't you? ;P

  2. You should see his baby ball and chain. :)

  3. GENIUS. Somehow I never thought of using the play yard that way.

    (Obviously I don't give a shit about the "expert" recommendations either. I also am not Mother of the Year, and in fact don't know anyone who is, by that definition.)