Friday, December 16, 2011

8 Months

Dear Milo,

As usual, I start this letter by being amazed at how fast time flies and how much you change on a daily basis. In the past week, you have started crawling on your hands and knees and pulling yourself up on your crib, the couch, the stairs, me.

You are quite mobile and try to get into everything. We're going to be baby gate central soon.

You still refuse to sleep through the night, waking every two to three hours. So Daddy and I are having to be strong and let you fuss and cry more because we fear we've already spoiled you. Although, just yesterday, I felt a sharp little nubbin on your gums! So, I'm pretty sure you've been teething, and maybe that's what has been messing with your sleep schedule.

You're becoming quite sociable, smiling at most people and playing with the other babies at The Little Gym. You are especially taken by the little girls, but you follow one little boy around and try to do the things he does -- even though he's two months older than you.

Helping Mommy fold clothes

Your personality is really showing. You try to be so independent ... until you're not. You want to feed yourself and pick things up and do lots of things on your own. Until you get hungry or sleepy or don't want to go to bed. Then you're Mr. Clingy. And while I want you to be independent, I can't help but love your hugs.

We spent Thanksgiving in Illinois with your aunts, uncles, cousins and Grandpa. You even got to see Gramma D for a while. The drive was long and boring, but you did really well -- sometimes crying, sometimes playing quietly, napping quite a bit. It's not easy being stuck in the car, so I'm proud of how you did.

You enjoyed spending time with your cousins, and I know they enjoyed spending time with you. Even though they are a lot older than you and you won't get to grow up with them, I know they will always be there for you. They love you lots. How could they not?

Soon you will experience your first Christmas. It won't mean much to you this year, but Daddy and I are really excited to have you open presents. As for us, we already got the best gift back in April -- you. If we got nothing else, we would feel fulfilled. You are better than toys and games and sugar plums. And when you smile at us, it warms our cold, dark December nights.

I love you little man.



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