Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Milo's first trip to the zoo

Milo's cousin and I took him to the zoo yesterday.

I don't think he was all that impressed with the animals.

"A giraffe? Oh, yawn."

But at least he let his cousin and me enjoy our time at the zoo.

My little marsupial

The only hiccup of the day was when, for some reason, Milo wouldn't take the bottle of breast milk I'd brought for him. I ended up having to feed him from the tap, so to speak. This is the first time I've breastfed him in public. Granted, I tucked us away in a corner of a mostly quiet cafeteria, and my niece sat next to/in front of us. I had left the cover-up in the car because I didn't want to carry a million things. I know I shouldn't be embarrassed to feed him in public -- everyone else was having lunch in there -- but I guess I'm shy about whipping out a boob when someone might see it (never was a Girls-Gone-Wild kinda gal).

But, you know what? It was fine. He ate and fell back to sleep. And with the large number of families there with small children, I'm pretty sure no one was judging me. And if they were, that's their problem. I'm sure they didn't want to listen to Milo scream.

It was a beautiful day at the zoo and an adventure for all of us.

Just not as exciting for some

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  1. A day of firsts! Glad it all worked out well for you and marsupial Milo!