Monday, July 18, 2011

Family visit

Milo, his daddy and I are away from home this week, visiting family. Milo got to meet his uncles, two of his boy cousins and his grandpa. It's been quite an adventure for Milo (meaning we've totally thrown off his eating and sleeping schedule).

My sister-in-law wasn't able to join my brother on this visit, but she sent gifts with him. Milo got some onesies, a sippy cup and a new pacifier. He also got a very nice cross-stitch.

I was appreciating the details and the hard work, when the S.O. noticed an envelope on the back of the frame. He pulled out a letter, read it, then handed it to me. Here's what it said:

Your grandma made this cross-stitch before she passed away. I found it in her craft room and thought there must have been a reason that she had this all done. The only thing we needed to do was stitch the name in it. She had it all framed and left complete directions on how to finish it. So I like to think dhe had it all ready and waiting just for you. I think she knew she had one more grandchild to come and she wanted to leave something just for you. Your grandma was one of the sweetest, most loving ladies I ever knew. She loved being a mom and a grandma. Her family meant everything to her. I believe she is looking down and watching over you. We all have our own personal angel keeping an eye on us. If you ever have questions about your grandma, ask any of us. We all have so many nice things to tell you about her.
My family members all read the letter and either had chills or tears in their eyes (as did I). I'll never really know the motivation behind this piece of handiwork, but I like to think my sister-in-law is right and Mom knew there would be another grandson. Either way, Milo has a beautiful keepsake made my his grandma.

It's true he won't get to spend time with his grandma, but thanks to her legacy, he will certainly know her.

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  1. Ok, now I'm teary-eyed, too. That is so, so sweet.