Tuesday, October 16, 2012

18 months

Dear Milo,

You are a year and a half old now. Can you believe it? In just the past couple of days, you have been acting like such a big boy. Maybe it's because your Great-Aunt Dianna is here to visit you. Maybe it's because you really are a big boy now. Whatever the reason, you have started surprising me by doing things like repeating words when I ask you to. You are saying new things almost daily. Just today you said "apple" and tried to say "whistle." I still can't get you to say "mommy" though.

You are doing things at The Little Gym that we've been trying to get you to do for a long time. All of a sudden, you are hanging from the bars. You are climbing on things and balancing. You are doing those things and others without prompting and without help. I'm so proud of you sometimes I almost cry. And not just because of what you do at The Little Gym.

You are so much fun to be around. You love getting out and doing things. You are practically fearless, and that can be scary for Mommy. Today, you climbed the jungle gym and went down the slide with almost no help at all.

There are some things that I'm not thrilled with -- you biting me the other night is one. But I do love when you grab me and give me big hugs. And I love when you kiss me. You can be so sweet. Most of the time. You're less consistent with your napping right now and sometimes you get cranky from lack of sleep. And you have a whole bunch of molars coming in, so I guess you're allowed to be a little angry once in awhile.

You can be quite demanding when you want something, including wanting Daddy and me to dance with you when a favorite song comes on. But it's worth it to see you smile and hear you laugh. Your laugh is the absolute best. I wish I could bottle it to use when I'm having a bad day.

Even when you're testing limits and my patience, you amaze me. You thrill me daily. Some days, I still can't believe I'm your mom.  I know you're not technically a baby anymore, but you'll always be my baby. You make me so happy. I love you like crazy, little man.


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