Saturday, June 16, 2012

14 months

Dear Milo,

This past month has been so busy. We traveled to see your cousin graduate from high school and we brought another of your cousins home with us for a visit. Traveling threw off your sleep schedule so you're now getting up around 5 a.m. every day. We're working on the final stages of weaning, making nap time more difficult. Plus, we've been going out doing more to entertain your 16-year-old cousin.

We got to go behind the scenes at the as yet not open to the public elephant enclosure at the zoo. I think Daddy, your cousin and I were a lot more excited about it than you were, but you enjoyed the time with all of us together.

We've gone hiking and shopping and all kinds of other activities. You mostly enjoy our outings, until you get tired of being held or told to not grab things.

You are very communicative right now. You can't always tell us what you want, but you sure try. You've picked up lots of new words, including "bubbles," "belly button" and "down" (which you also sign). You listen and follow directions -- when you're in the mood to. You surprise me constantly with the things you know.

You are becoming a creature of habit. If we do something once, you seem to think it's something we have always done -- riding in the laundry basket, pulling apart the peonies in the front yard, talking a walk first thing in the morning.

As I always say, you amaze me every day. I may get frustrated with some of the things you do, but your smile and hugs never fail to melt my heart.

I love you, little man.



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