Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daddy Talk

It's all on fire

Today in Colorado, the state is on fire. Currently, eight separate fires are burning in Colorado and it's only the start of summer as of last Wednesday. We have had two days of 100+ temperatures. The significance of that is that it has only happened four times in all of recorded history in Colorado Springs prior to this. Right now the closest fire is less than 10 miles away. The smoke is thick enough to taste. I know that it gives me a bit of a sore throat. I know it affects Pam and it definitely affects the boy. Poor guy is grabbing at his throat. We try to keep him sealed up in the AC while we soldier on but it's tough.

The heat is stifling for us. We are so far away from the fire but really it's right next door. It's almost in my favorite park, Garden of the Gods. It's burning the areas between there and Pikes Peak. It's still uncontrolled. There is a pall of smoke all throughout the city that won't be going away any time soon.  I know it's hard on us through the smoke and the coughing.  I know it's really hard on those who were evacuated from Manitou Springs and the West Side of Colorado Springs.  I know it's hard on the firefighters. It's hard on everybody here. We tried to do our little bit to help. We stopped by Costco and bought a couple of flats of sports drinks and snacks to drop off at Care and Share. I know they will go to the right place.

Man we really need to see some rain here.  

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