Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Quick Guide to Milospeak

Milo's vocabulary improves all the time. He has plenty of words that even people who aren't the parents of toddlers can understand. Some things he says are easy to understand, but may not mean exactly what you might think at first. And some of his "words" or phrases take a little more detective work to understand. There are even a few that I haven't figured out yet (and may never).

 The following are words and phrases that I find funny, cute and/or mind-boggling.

Apee: Airplane

Aw doo (drawn out): All aboard! (It's what the conductor says.)

Big car: Truck, especially garbage truck

Boo choo choo (while playing with a train simulator on my smart phone): ?  I thought it was "blue choo choo." But when I'd change the engine to blue, I got a resounding "No!" It might be "blow choo choo," as in blow the train horn, but I don't really think so.

Bo nigh: ? Again, I have no idea. It was said while looking at the train simulator, but also once while going down the stairs. It either morphed into boo choo choo or he gave up on it.

Bubu: Builder or bulldozer, possibly Bob the Builder, said when we see construction vehicles.

Cu-cucka: Time tunnel (from "Dinosaur Train"), said when going under an overpass or overhead traffic signals or other random overhead objects

Cuckoo: Cookie

Dingo: Ding dong, meaning the doorbell

Dough: Door, as in "Open the cabinet/refrigerator door so I can get something to eat."

Go: Yes (but also "Go," as in "Damn the red light. Get this car moving, Mama!")

Ice or Ides: Outside

Meemo (sometimes meebo): Hippo, also some stuffed animals that aren't hippos

Meese (accompanied by the sign language for it): Please

Mo: More

Moo (when not talking about a cow): Move

Mymo: Milo - often used to express pride, as in "look what Milo did!"

T.T.: TV specifically "Timmy Time"

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