Sunday, July 15, 2012

Daddy Talk

The Classics.

I shared a memory of my dad with Pam today. It was when I was young, somewhere around 10. My dad rented a movie for the family called Thunder Warrior. It was certainly a cheese fest, a bit of a rip off of Rambo only with a Native American as the lead. It was a terrible movie from my recollection. I think my dad secretly liked it, but I can only guess. I remember my brother and I thought it was terrible on a whole lot of levels. Kind of a feat really to get kids to think it was so cheesy. Its a funny memory only because my dad picked up the sequel a few years later.

We gave him an endless amount of ribbing about it, how we hated it because it was so terrible and this and that but we still watched it. I can't remember what happened with the movie, what the plot was or who the characters were. There were plenty of times where we watched good movies or forgettable movies, but nothing like this. Nothing that sticks in my mind. It doesn't bother me that this movie was bad and it sticks in my memory, I think the worst part about it is wondering if my dad took it too hard.

I may just make the boy suffer through it when he gets older. I hope he has a memory of it, it will probably be a good memory for him. Just got to figure out the right time to do it and where to get a vcr. Most importantly I need to find the 80 dollars to buy it because it is a "classic" now.

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