Sunday, October 16, 2011

6 months old

Dear Milo,

Six months ago I only had an inkling of how amazing you'd be and how much fun you'd be. We've had our ups and downs but mostly ups. Which have made the downs totally worth it. This past month has been busy. You got another cold, and we're struggling with a bout of either really awful diaper rash or a yeast infection on your bottom. Good thing we see your doctor tomorrow.

This month you have decided you are quite independent -- when you want to be. You have started sitting by yourself. You are rolling all over the place. You even try to feed yourself.

On the other hand, you've also become quite clingy and don't want to let me out of your sight for very long. I'm flattered, but Mommy needs to shower once in a while and feed herself, Daddy and the dog sometimes. Still, your tight hugs and gummy smile make my day.

You recently discovered your feet and like to play with them. And you are trying out all kinds of new sounds. Earlier today you sounded like a baby Wookie.

You've figured out what the camera is for and have turned into quite a little ham. Which makes for some really cute pictures.

It's all very exciting, but sometimes I miss my little floppy baby. Sometimes I miss you being little at all. When Daddy weighed you last week you were up to 20 pounds. My doctor said her kids weren't 20 pounds at 1 year old! You need to slow down a little on the growing. We're having a hard time keeping you in clothes that fit.

We're gearing up for your first Halloween, followed quickly by your first Thanksgiving and your first Christmas. It's going to be exciting, but not just because of the impending holidays,  also because of all the changes we'll see in you. I expect a tooth to pop up anytime now. And I just know you'll be crawling or walking before I know it.

Daddy and I are such proud parents. We love taking you places because everyone tells us how cute you are. It's hard to just say, "Thank you," instead of what we really want to say: "I know, right?"

There are days where I feel at a loss to tell you how much you mean to me. It's beyond words. I love you so much and I love how much you love me.

I'm looking forward to the second half of your first year. I know it's going to be just as much fun as the first half.




  1. Wait, what? Six months? How is that possible?

    (Also, Milo is so adorable it's ridiculous.)

  2. I love that first photo! And what's wrong with saying, "I know, right?" It's true.

  3. Happy half birthday! Great photos. Hope the icky diaper stuff is cleared up soon.