Sunday, February 9, 2014

Book Review: "Goldie and the Three Hares"

Our current favorite book is "Goldie and the Three Hares" by Margie-Palatini, illustrated by Jack E. Davis.

The book tells the story of what happens to Goldilocks after the three bears chase her out of their home. It's silly and lots of fun.

In our house, Goldie (or "you know who" as she's known in the book) gets an obnoxious voice. She's pretty obnoxious so I think it works. Plus, it seems to add to Milo's enjoyment of the book. I think you really do have to be willing to put on voices when reading this book to a youngster.

Milo's favorite line from the book: THUMP. BUMP. KABOOM. KABOOM. KABOOM! (Which much be read in an increasingly loud voice.)

The illustrations are bright and goofy and a bit over-the-top -- in a good way, adding to the silliness of the story.

The rabbits have to figure out how to get this "big little girl" to leave their tiny rabbit hole and quickly. If they don't she may eat them out of house and home. And Little Baby Hare may be a permanent TV antenna.

There's not much of a lesson in this book - except how not to act as a guest in other people's homes - but it is a lot of fun for story time. We have read it numerous times since we checked it out from the library a couple weeks ago. Neither one of us are tired of it yet.

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